Wednesday, 2 August 2017

I Know It's Over

The title for this post sounds a touch melodramatic, I know, but I started this blog back in June 2013 with nothing more than a URL and a Smiths lyric, so it kind of feels like a natural way to bring Books with Bunny to a close. 

Yes, the time has come for me to officially say goodbye to this blog.  I've not posted in months now, mainly because although I'm still reading (and reading brilliant books that deserve shouting about) I've been busy writing my own books.  Over the past two years I've written three novels and two novellas, and am currently beavering away on a fourth book which I hope will be the first of a trilogy.  Put simply, my focus has shifted and the time I dedicated to blogging is now devoted to crafting fiction.

There's a tinge of sadness ebbing within me as I write this post, because this blog has been a huge part of my life.  Really huge. 

It gave me purpose when I was at my most poorly.

It brought me friendships with fellow bibliophiles, authors and readers alike.

It drew me into a circle of wonderful bloggers who are passionate about books (and subsequently trebled the amount of books on my TBR pile).

It gave me the confidence to organise and co-ordinate online events such as #HIFortnight and the #HIReadathon.

Also, it was through blogging that I first met Charlotte Ledger, commissioning editor at HarperImpulse - the very person who offered me my first publishing contract.

I have dearly loved Books with Bunny, but the time is right to say goodbye.  Instead of blog posts here I'll be sharing the book love on my social media channels (see below) and hope to use my author blog (which you can find here) to talk about what I've been reading as well as my writing projects.

Thank you to all the readers, bloggers, publishers and authors who've supported Books with Bunny over the past four and a bit years, whether that's been by sending ARCs, giving exclusive content, retweeting reviews (the day Johnny Marr replied to my tweet about his autobiography was the ultimate highlight), leaving comments or sharing recommendations of 'must read' books. 

It's been a pleasure.  Please don't be a stranger.

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