Review policy

*I accept paper review copies, proofs or ereader proofs in Kindle format for review.  

*I review predominantly women's fiction, chick-lit, thriller/suspense, NA and YA fiction.

*Accepting a book does not guarantee a review, although I do endeavour to read all books I am sent. I will rate based purely on my own opinion.

*I tweet pictures of all books I receive from publishers to my twitter account.

*For reviews, I prioritise books I receive prior to the date of publication.  I aim to review all other books as quickly as possible.  I am not a professional reviewer-I fit my reading and blogging around work, motherhood and my own writing projects.

*I post reviews on my blog, Amazon UK, and Goodreads. I also post on facebook at and twitter @katey5678 .

*If I do post a review for your novel, I am happy for you to use it (in part or full) on your author page/website/cover etc, but please let me know first.  If you include it in a print copy of your book, I would really appreciate a copy of that edition to keep as a souvenir!

*If you would like to use part of my review as promotion on another blogger's website, please contact me.

Happy reading and happy writing!

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  1. Hi Kate. Could you please e-mail me at catherine.ryanhoward[at] It's about Sinead Moriarty (MAD ABOUT YOU). Thanks, Catherine

  2. February 21, 2015


    My third book (second novel), The Xerces Factor, will be released this spring by Black Rose Writers Publishing.

    I noted your interest in the mystery/thriller genre and believe you’ll be intrigued with the book’s protagonist, an investigative journalist who survives an assassination attempt but loses his wife.

    Your consideration of a review is appreciated.

    Following is a brief synopsis.

    Author Charles Arrington was taken off sedation and told about the explosion. He instinctively knew the motive for the attack. It didn’t make sense, but it was the book, the damn book.

    The first draft of The Thieves in the Pentagon…Corruption that Threatens Our National Security was far from complete. Arrington had no proof, just unsubstantiated rumors and conjecture...a lot of unconnected dots. He planned to abandon the project…then the bomb killed his wife and maimed him for life.

    The Xerces anti-missile system was the country’s most powerful deterrent in an increasingly hostile world. However, the president had his own radical plans for the system’s deployment. No one could be allowed to obstruct his naïve quest for world peace.

    But the president and his loyal minions were not alone. Others had keen interest in Arrington’s book…some to satiate their personal greed, others for far more sinister purposes.

    The paperback book will be released on April 15 and the electronic version in all popular formats available May 15. I’m happy to provide a copy in the format you prefer when the book becomes available. And, if preferable, I can provide excerpts; one is currently available on my website…!the-characters-speak/csv5

    Again, I appreciate your consideration and look forward to your response.



    Rodney Page