Friday, 19 July 2013

Swimming Pool Summer- Rebecca Farnworth

Swimming Pool Summer is definitely a holiday read.  I've been enjoying reading it outside in the recent heatwave, not by a pool, but sprawled on a blanket in the garden and lounging in a shaded spot of the local park.  Even the cover is alluring- a sky-blue pool that is just crying out to be dipped into.

Set on an idyllic Greek island, Swimming Pool Summer is the story of Frankie, Leila and Tor.  These thirty-something friends each have a secret that they can't share- Tor, who thought she was infertile, is pregnant, strong-minded Frankie is in love with her friend Patrick and workaholic Leila is trying to forget the one night stand that could ruin her marriage and tear her family apart. 

I found the plot believable and the characters were very human- they weren't all perfect size 8s, happy and carefree with no misdemeanours.  I particularly liked the portrayal of Frankie as hard-nosed and judgmental, until later in the book when her behaviour is justified through a revelation.  Each chapter of Swimming Pool Summer examines the friends in turn, which makes for a pacy, page-turning read and allows the characters to develop throughout.

I wasn't overly keen on the ending, I'm not generally a huge fan of books that do a 'one/five/ten year(s) on' summary.  Overall, however, I was thoroughly entertained by the fun, frolics and frivolity of Swimming Pool Summer.  I think fans of Jane Green and Marian Keyes might enjoy this story of friendship and romance.

Swimming Pool Summer is out now, published by Arrow.


With thanks to Arrow Books for providing me with a review copy of Swimming Pool Summer.
You can find out more about Rebecca Farnworth here.

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