Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Happy publication day Michelle Betham! Resurrection is out today.


Michelle Betham's Resurrection, book #3 in The Lone Riders MC Romance Series, is out today! 

The Blurb

Forgetting the past can be dangerous. Re-living it can be deadly… 

Someone in the shadows wants Coby Walker dead.

He’s not the only one. 
Someone wants to bring The Lone Riders down.

He isn’t alone. 
The club is in danger, but even Coby isn’t aware how deep that danger runs. How personal it’s all become. How many lives are at risk because he got distracted… 

Ben Salter didn’t want to return to a life he’d left behind.

He was happy.

He was in love.

He was moving on.

But all of a sudden he finds himself thrust back into that world he’d never intended to return to, as the person he’d swore he’d never be again.

He thought he could handle it. 

He thought pushing her away would be easy. 

He was wrong. 

Lines become blurred and loyalties confused as Ben’s need to avenge a past he couldn’t forget intensifies. And as his world quickly spirals out of control, that past starts to threaten his future; truths are revealed that change everything, and a secret is exposed that threatens to destroy the one thing that can keep him from falling apart – the one person who can save him; a secret that leads to a bitter betrayal that becomes a catalyst for an endgame he’d never wanted to play out… 

Messed-up loyalties and a dangerous loss of focus puts The Lone Riders at risk; puts their resurrection in jeopardy. And they should have seen it coming… 

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Author Bio

Michelle Betham is an ex-media technician turned author of hot, edgy, gritty romance, usually involving rock stars, sports stars, and bikers. But not usually all in the same book. Yet.

She is both self-published and published through HarperImpulse, a division of HarperCollins Publishers.

Addicted to binge-watching TV dramas she struggles to think of a life before Netflix, loves rock music, tattoos, spicy food, and Keanu Reeves - a crush that's lasted over twenty years, and one she blames entirely on 'Point Break'...

Her dream is to ride a Harley. And visit Las Vegas. And be able to eat any amount of chocolate without putting on weight...

She lives in County Durham, north-east England, with her husband and West Highland Terrier, where she can be found most days drinking tea and making up stories.

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Twitter @michellebetham 

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