Friday, 23 October 2015

Q and A with Lisa Dickenson to celebrate the paperback release of The Twelve Dates of Christmas

Back in December 2013 when I was still finding my blogging feet, I was asked to review The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Lisa Dickenson.  It sounded like a fun read so I jumped at the chance, and you can read my glowing review (plus a short guest post from Lisa) here.
Fast forward to the present day and The Twelve Dates of Christmas has had a revamp being released in a stunningly gorgeous paperback and Lisa has kindly taken the time to answer some questions...

·         The dates in the book are hilarious- are they entirely fictional, or are they based on your own experiences?  I’m happy to say that for the most part they are entirely fictional – I’ve been to the locations, drunk the mulled wine, watched The Nutcracker and smooched at a winter wedding (my husband, at my own), but touch-wood I’ve never had some of the experiences poor Claudia goes through.  I do envy the yummy ones though…

·         What are you most looking forward to about Christmas 2015?  My pre-Christmas holiday!  I’m going to New York (which I haven’t been to since my honeymoon) and Vermont (which I’ve never been to) so I’m looking forward to nurturing that festive feeling nose-deep in thick snow and dazzling Christmas lights.

·         How does it feel now The Twelve Dates of Christmas is finally out in paperback?   How do you think the readership will differ from those who read it in ebook first time around?  It feels AMAZING; so exciting and a little bit emotional (and a huge dollop of scary, as well!).  This time people might stumble across it in shops, and if I’m lucky they’ll pick this as the Christmas book for them, whereas most of my readership currently is very reliant on lovely bloggers spreading the word to their visitors, or the kindness of other authors and the Little Book Café crew helping me break through.  

·         When did you first see your gorgeous new cover, and did you have any input into the design?  I first saw a batch of about twelve cover options in the spring, and I passed back my thoughts on my favourite elements of all of them.  So yes, Sphere are always great at asking for my input and taking into account my thoughts as much as possible.  Ultimately they know best about what’s the most appealing to readers.  I saw the final version of the cover a couple of months ago and I love it – especially the title font!

·         What's next for Lisa Dickenson?  A lovely, snow-dusted fairytale of New York – a Christmas book set in the fabulous NYC (hence the research trip later in the year).

·         And finally, (besides your own) do you have a favourite Christmas read?  100% A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  There are many, many great Christmas tales out there and all of them help evoke that warm, festive feeling, but Scrooge is my go-to fireside read on the night before Christmas.
The Twelve Dates of Christmas is out now, published by Sphere.

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