Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Recently I Read...Spring 2016 (Part 2)

Carrying on with my snapshot reviews, here are some more of the books I read during my crazily busy spring.

Dead Ends - Erin Lange
A story of friendship between wild, popular Dane and compliant Billy D.  The boys have different backgrounds and different dreams, yet their relationship blooms regardless.  The dialogue and banter is so realistic, Erin Lange nailed it.  I loved that this book had a main character with Down's Syndrome too - more inclusive books like this, please!

Seven Ways We Lie - Riley Redgate
Seven characters, each with flaws, tell this story and Redgate manages to balance the multiple narrators well.  We learn early on that someone is having a student/teacher affair, but who?  Can anything remain a secret in the tightly entwined community of Paloma High School?  Diverse, well crafted characters, some likeable and some not, had me turning the pages and I was thrilled to see a pansexual character in this original YA novel.

Flirty Dancing - Jenny McLachlan
A sweet romantic story of overweight Bea who enters a dance competition with a popular boy.  This reminded me of the teen romances I read in my own youth and I loved it for that, plus the plotline of the dance competition really worked for me.  It's contemporary, swoony and highly readable.  Fans of Stephanie Perkins (or Grease!) might well fall in love with this first instalment of the Ladybirds series.

Between You and Me - Lisa Hall
Marketed as a book with a twist, I found myself constantly questioning when it was going to be revealed.  The story of Sal and Charlie's abusive marriage is told by dual narrative which gives insight into both characters.  I felt I understood Sal more (maybe due to being more sympathetic) than Charlie by the end.  I did guess the twist, although may not have had it not been for the hype around it, but this interesting debut has taken the psychological thriller sector by storm and is now available in paperback as well as ereader format.

The It-Girl - Katy Birchall
Laugh out loud funny YA novel about a girl who suddenly finds herself in the spotlight when her dad starts dating a celebrity.  I loved Anna's lists, her friendships, the fast-paced writing and especially the way Anna's relationship with her step-mum and step-sister develops throughout the novel.  I really enjoyed this and wish I'd read it sooner.  It reminded me of Geek Girl, which is a series I love.  Can't wait to read book 2!

Recently I Read...will continue!

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