Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dream Lake-Lisa Kleypas

I was absolutely thrilled to be approached by Carol at 'Dizzy C's Little Book Blog' to review a copy of 'Dream Lake' by Lisa Kleypas.  Carol and I have known each other through the online community at the Read It Swap It site for a long while now, but have had more communication over the last fortnight than ever before-it has been lots of fun discussing books and blogs.  So as well as an enjoyable read, I feel I have gained a new friend through this book. 

You can read my review here.

Many thanks to Carol for giving me the opportunity to guest on her blog, and Piatkus for allowing me to review 'Dream Lake'.

You can find out more about Piatkus books here


  1. Kate

    Thank you so much for the lovely review and being guest reviewer on my blog.
    I am thrilled that you took part.

    carol x

    1. My pleasure Carol, I look forward to guesting again in the future.

  2. Hi Kate, joining you from Dizzy's site where I read your great review.

    Such a wonderful site you have here, I love that you review such a wide variety of books.

    Nice to have met you, I've enjoyed my visit.

    1. Thanks Petty, it is lovely to have positive feedback. I am just passionate about reading and hope that my enthusiasm can come across as well on the page as it does in my mind!