Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Boy in the Dress-David Walliams

I've been meaning to read David Walliams' children's books for a long while, and finally got around to picking up a copy of 'The Boy in the Dress' from the local library this week. 

I'm incredibly passionate about high quality and entertaining fiction for children, and 'The Boy in the Dress' is certainly that.  Fantastically accessible, relevant and laugh-out-loud funny, Walliams has created what will surely be a children's classic of the future.  Dahl-esque humour alongside Quentin Blake's extraordinary illustrations is a winning combination, one that I am sure boys and girls alike will find amusing.

The story revolves around Dennis, a schoolboy who is fascinated by fashion.  With the encouragement of an unlikely friend, Dennis explores this interest and finds he enjoys wearing dresses; that fashion for females allows much more diversity and expression than fashion for males.  Ultimately, 'The Boy in the Dress' addresses how it feels to be different, something that children and adults alike can relate to.

Although a children's book, there are elements that will definitely appeal to an adult audience too. I loved the references to parts of childhood that had been repressed into the depths of my mind- I can honestly say I hadn't thought about Um Bongo (Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo) since about 1994 until last Friday, and now I can almost taste it!

The Times describes it as 'charming' and 'funny'-I can only nod along furiously in agreement.



  1. I read this one when it was first released and was very impressed with it. A great book, with a good moral message running through it. I've not read his later books yet, must hunt them down.

  2. I really, really enjoyed it. Will definitely read more of his.

  3. I must look out for this one! Quentin Blake's illustrations are always wonderful and the story sounds like my cup of tea!