Friday, 29 November 2013

The Janksters and the Talking Slug- Cid and Mo

I first became aware of Cid and Mo through the Making Them Readers blog.  They came highly recommended, and I was told that my son would love this story.

The janksters (a cross between a joker and a prankster, incase you were wondering) are Sam and Billy, two boys who forge a friendship at school.  They are fun but fair and determined not to let Dexter Slin, the school bully, have power over them or the other children.  With the help of a talking slug they take him on....

This book was a good read, and whilst suitable for boys and girls I imagine boys (particularly those who are reluctant readers) will be able to relate to this story.  The jokey, jovial style alongside some toilet humour (what is it about the word poo that makes young boys laugh?!) add to the appeal, and the photographs used throughout will allow older children to feel that this is less babyish than other books with similar content and reading level

I would have liked the photographs to have been colour as I think this would have added to the clarity, but have huge admiration for the work Cid and Mo are doing in creating contemporary, relevant books for children.

Although I have never met Cid and Mo I have heard that their workshops in schools are fabulous!  You can find out more about the authors at their website, or contact them via twitter @CidandMo.

The Janksters and the Talking Slug is available to buy now.


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