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Question and Answer with Liz Tipping, author of Five Go Glamping BLOG TOUR *Carina Week*

Today I'm joined by Liz Tipping, author of Five Go Glamping, who has very kindly agreed to answer some questions just for Books with Bunny.

What are your own experiences of camping/glamping?  

I went glamping for the first time this summer and it was such an enjoyable experience. There were five yurts in a paddock, next to a field of dairy cows and the glampsite owners had three lambs who were absolutely beautiful. The sweetest things you ever saw!  In the morning, we had tea and coffee in a covered patio area overlooking the river and the little lambs would wander over to say hello. Inside the yurt was a wood stove and big comfy bed. It was lovely.

But I do love camping too and have been lots of times. The first holiday I went on with husband was a camping trip around Devon and Cornwall, so that’s one of my favourite memories. Our first stop was on a campsite near  Woolacombe in Devon and there was an incredible view. It was amazing to unzip the tent and the first thing I saw was the blue Atlantic sparkling! Lovely!
 What five things do you most miss when you're away from home?

Oh my goodness, I miss my bed so much! And my pillows! Whenever I return from a trip I can’t wait to get into my own bed and I say “Ah, bed. Bed, bed, bed. Bed.”

And I miss my sofa too- it’s getting a bit old and battered now, but whenever I think I will buy a new one, I spend the money on holidays instead.

I miss the telly loads as well! Well, perhaps not while I am actually on holiday, but whenever I come back from holidays, I always have a full tivo box and I’m all “Television, I have missed you!” and I get excited about catching up on what I’ve missed and getting back into whatever box set I am watching.

If there’s not a great reception where I am and there’s no wifi, I do tend to get a little bit twitchy. I’m not quite as bad as Fiona in Five Go Glamping, but I do like to know at least  twitter and email are accessible should I need them!

And big mugs! Tiny hotel cups always upset me greatly. In Ireland this January I was in a lovely hotel but it had the smallest teacups so I went to Dunnes and bought myself a big mug- but the first one I picked up from the display had orange juice in it. I’d love to know how it got there!

So bed, telly, sofa, wifi and big mugs!
Five go Glamping is set at a music festival- what are your five favourite songs to listen to at the moment?

These are the last five songs I’ve listened to- I have them in mind for the soundtrack for my next book!

Taylor Swift – Style
Jana Kramer – Whiskey
Mother Love Bone – Chloe Dancer
Carly Rae Jepsen- I really like you
Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days

What are your five essentials for camping/glamping?
1. I think sausages are an essential component for any glamping or camping trip because otherwise, what even is the point of going?

2.Cold beers ( ginger or otherwise!) – I made a beer box the last time we went camping. I filled around ten  freezer bags with water and put them in the freezer. When they were frozen,  I put them into a cardboard box with some already chilly beers and they stayed really, really cold for over two days. As the ice in the freezer bags melted, I used the water in the saucepan for cooking and making tea.

3.Warm clothes- even if it is a sweltering day, tents are often chilly at night, so don’t forget to pack a cardigan and socks!

4. Make up remover wipes- whether you are glamping or simply having a glamourous camping experience, you will bump into people on the way to the shower in the morning, so you can’t sleep in your make up the night before even if you do that at home. You don’t want to scare other campers off first thing in the morning because you look an extra from the Walking Dead.

5. And don’t forget the most important thing - a good book!

Finally, what five words would you use to describe your books?
I hope that readers will find them funny, romantic, inspiring, optimistic and heart-warming.

Many thanks for joining me today, Liz!

The Blurb

Glamping Check list
Festival tickets
Double check best Instagram filter
Avoid thinking about work/Connor/five year plan!!
A four day break from her hectic life to relax in the countryside and hang out at a local festival (for free!) is just what Fiona Delaney needs. With her best friends, great tunes and a cool looking hat her Instagram shots are going to look A-Mazing!
Until suddenly glamping starts to feel a lot more like camping and Fiona’s in desperate search of a comfy chair, wi-fi and a chilled glass of wine. But when she finally makes it to the local pub she discovers this trip could be more than just a holiday, it might just change her life forever…
Five Go Glamping is out now, published by Carina.


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