Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Waiting on Wednesday- Lily and the Christmas Wish- Keris Stainton

As it's Hot Key Books week on my blog, I had to choose one of their upcoming releases as my Waiting on Wednesday!  I love Christmassy books and Lily and the Christmas Wish looks like the perfect heart-warming seasonal read.

The Blurb

When a town's Christmas wishes get mixed-up, can one little girl and her dog put them right? The little town of Beechwood can't wait for Christmas this year. They're going to celebrate by putting up a giant Christmas tree in the town square, and asking all the townspeople to hang a Christmas wish on its branches. Everyone is feeling very festive - everyone except for nine-year-old Lily. She's only got one thing she wants for Christmas this year, and she's not sure it can ever come true. But she's determined to try - and so when she sees a shooting star just as she hangs her wish, she wishes as hard as she possibly can...and wakes up the next morning to a bit of a surprise. Bug, her adorable pug puppy, can talk! It's magic - and a wish come true! But it's not Lily's wish...Lily and her little brother James soon discover that something happened last night at the wishing tree - the wishes have been granted, but to the wrong people! They'll have to work out which wish belongs to who, and sort everything out before Christmas Day - otherwise no one will get what they want for Christmas.

Lily and the Christmas Wish is released on November 5th, published by Hot Key Books.

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