Saturday, 9 January 2016

2016 Reading Goals

We're already nine days into 2016 and Books with Bunny has been a bit neglected lately, truth be told.  Having welcomed the new year on holiday in America, my body's only just getting back to UK time and with a new role in the day job, reading hasn't taken a front seat over the past few weeks.  Add to that the release of four Meet Cute books (published by Harper Impulse) in the run up to Christmas and One Night in Los Angeles (published by Tirgearr) due out January 27th and I've been one busy Bunny!

However, I usually make 'reading resolutions' for the calendar year and 2016 was no different. 

1) Read less
That might sound strange, but I'm finding everything blurs into one when I hurtle from one book to another.  Plots, locations, characters - I just can't retain them half the time.  Authors work bloody hard, as I'm finding out.  Their books deserve to be savoured.  I want to savour what I read.

2) Read more paperback books.
I have a ridiculous amount of paperback books on my shelves waiting to be read.  If I don't start reading them, my house will be too full to be able to buy more!  And that'd be a disaster...

3) Reread more books I've enjoyed.
This won't help with making space on my shelves, but there are some books I kept with the sole aim of rereading, whether that's once, twice or regularly.  I used to be a serial rereader, and there's something truly comforting about going back to a book you've loved.  I want that feeling more in 2016.

4) Build my collection of Sweet Valley books.
Late last year I reread a few Sweet Valley books (I'll be reviewing them soon), and they gave me the aforementioned comforting buzz.  I'm trying to collect the whole lot through charity shop and online purchases - unlikely I'll get that completed in 2016, but I'd like to get a shelf full!  They brought me so much pleasure as a teen, and although they are dated compared to current YA, they hold a special place in my heart.  And that leads me on to my last resolution...

5) To read what I enjoy.
Over new year I reflected on how my reading habits have changed since starting this blog.  I get sent a lot of books to review (which is wonderful, and I'm very grateful and honoured that publishers and authors like my reviews enough to want me to write one for their book). 

Generally, I try and only accept books that I know I'll read and enjoy.  But there have been many times where I've been sent books unsolicited that fall outside the genres I'd normally read, and to be polite and openminded I read them.  Sometimes I'll review them, sometimes not.  But my book pile is getting bigger and bigger year on year, and it's currently unmanageable. 

In 2016 I'll be accepting less books for review.  This is to allow me to read the books I already have and am desperate to read (both review copies and bought).

Here's to a happy year of reading for us all in 2016!

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