Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Geography of You and Me -Jennifer E. Smith

Teens Lucy and Owen live in the same New York City apartment block and are thrown together when they are stuck in an elevator when the city blacks out.

The Geography of You and Me follows their stories as they both leave New York for new adventures.  Their bond remains as Lucy moves to Europe and Owen travels America, and the pair communicate via postcards.  It is a sweet, tender story about friendship, love and roots and I am sure this will appeal to both the YA and adult audience.

It is a beautifully written book which captures the protagonists emotions in a way that sweeps the reader into their world.  Lucy and Owen are typical teens-sometimes belligerent and irritating, but mostly just looking for ways to survive the upheavals in their lives.  I was taken right back to my teenage years, which was in some ways a beautiful nostalgic ride and in others somewhat painful!

I loved that Jennifer E. Smith reminds us you don't necessarily have to have known someone for a long time to have an unbreakable bond and that people can be brought together in the most unlikely circumstances.  It is a book which gives me faith in fate and humanity.

A heart warming read which gave me the warm and fuzzies.  An absolute delight.

The Geography of You and Me is out today.


With thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy in return for an honest review.

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  1. I must look out for this one. I really enjoy her writing. I loved her last one; This Is What Happy Looks Like