Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Q and A with Journey to Rainbow Island author Christie Hsaio including GIVEAWAY!

Today I am delighted to welcome Christie Hsaio to Books with Bunny.  Christie is the author of Journey to Rainbow Island, a fantasy adventure book for children.

How long did it take you to write Journey to Rainbow Island? 

-It took me 8 months to write Journey to Rainbow Island book one. Whenever I felt a block, I would go out into nature- I love going to the beach and hiking and it always seems to help.

Do you find it easy to visualise as you write?

-Yes, it was easy to visualize as I write. I had a clear vision of Rainbow Island from the start, including the Rainbow children, animals and dragon, and all the magical beings and dark creatures featured in the book.

What are your own favourite reads?

-I like fantasy books and romantic comedies; I’m a fan of stories with a positive and uplifting message.  I've been hugely influenced by Asian culture and Asian animated storybooks, which were a big part of my childhood- they all tend to be based in magical and fantastical worlds. I also love historical books, as I'm fascinated by different cultures and the history behind them. 

Which other authors would you compare your writing style to?

-I don’t really like to compare, as I think every writer is wholly unique and has very specific attributes. But in terms of writers that inspire me, I’d have to say CS Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia.

What is next in the pipeline for you?

-I’m writing the second instalment of Journey to Rainbow Island, and developing the second Journey to Rainbow Island video game app. I was really thrilled at the feedback the first one received after it went on the Apple App store and Facebook, so it made sense to develop a second.

There’s also a film based on the book in the works, and I’m currently doing book signings and events in the US, Europe and Asia- it’s all very hectic, but in the best way!

Hope to see you all at my next events!

The Blurb
New York Times Bestseller Yu-ning thinks her perfect life on Rainbow Island will never end--until a nasty dragon called the Obsidigon returns from beyond the grave. Now her beloved island is in flames, her best friend has been kidnapped, and the island's Sacred Crystals have been stolen. To make matters worse, she must venture into the dark corners of the world to uncover secrets best ignored, find a weapon thought long destroyed, and recapture seven sacred stones--without being burned to a crisp by a very angry dragon. With the help of her master teacher, Metatron, Yu-ning embarks on a dangerous journey to overcome not only the darkness attacking her home, but also the scars of sadness that mark her own heart. And while most people just see a normal kid, Metatron--and a few other unlikely allies--pledge their lives to the dark-eyed little girl with a magic bow and a crooked grin.

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