Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Eleanor and Park- Rainbow Rowell RAINBOW ROWELL WEEK

I reviewed Eleanor and Park for the blog last year (read my review here) but I wanted to write a post talking about exactly why this book is so amazing.

It is all about
and romance, and the power of the mix tape.

Because it is set in the
 these mixtapes contain the musical magic of bands like
which let's face it is pretty darn amazing.
There's a great big dollop of
and amazing quotes like this...

and this...
and this...
which will make you laugh, and cry, and FEEL.
Totally adorable, right?
By the end of it you'll be like-
You'll love Eleanor and Park as much as they love each other.  And THAT is why it is one of my most favourite books in the whole wide world.

Don't let the YA audience keep this one for themselves.  Because love is timeless, and love stories as beautiful as this don't come around that often.

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