Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I am the Secret Wag- The Secret Wag REVIEW AND INTERVIEW

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a wag?  Ever wondered how much surgical enhancement they've had?  Ever wondered how they cope with the media pressure?  Then you should read I am the Secret Wag.  Written by 'an England footballer's wife', this book is a must for anyone attracted to the celebrity lifestyle.  As it is written anonymously there is scope for free speech and honesty, something which may be compromised in the autobiographies of other wags. 
I must admit to being surprised at the sauciness of some scenes-the secret wag certainly holds nothing back when it comes to disclosures about bedroom antics with her hunky footballer husband.  With sex, fashion, club brawls and boob jobs, I am the Secret Wag paints a picture of wagdom not that far removed from an episode of the Footballer's Wives.  If you subscribe to glossy magazines and gossip columns then I am sure you'll find this an interesting read.  In fact, you may have spotted the wag in one of them- her wedding was front page of popular magazine.  

On a personal level I'd hoped for a bit more about the beautiful game itself, but then I am a big football fan.  I've read The Secret Footballer books and enjoyed them as an insight into the world of professional football.  I am the Secret Wag is equally as candid, but definitely aimed at a female market.   My life is so far removed from that described in the book that I did have a few moments where I thought 'seriously?!' but then reminded myself that for someone in the media spotlight with oodles of cash it probably wasn't as outlandish as it seemed to little old me.  There were also a few moments where I felt that she contradicted herself slightly, mainly when talking about how normal she was and then following up by talking about expensive nights out at exclusive restaurants or selling her wedding to a glossy mag.

I am the Secret Wag may appeal to fans of chicklit, reality TV or those looking for an easy beach read and of course you can't help but wonder who it might be (I have very strong suspicions but am keeping schtum!).  I did wonder if some parts had been exaggerated or embellished to make a more interesting story, but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter if they had or not because the book isn't professing to be anything other than a fun glimpse into the life of a wag.

I am the Secret Wag is out now, published by Corgi.

I was fortunate enough to be able to ask the Secret Wag some questions exclusively for Books with Bunny.  Here's what she had to say...

Do you worry that your identity will one day be revealed? Especially with regard to the more risqué aspects of the book?
I absolutely wince at the prospect of my family reading about my sexual experiences, so yes it would be an utter nightmare for my identity to be revealed in that respect!  The beauty of the secret aspect is that I have been able to be 100% honest and just said it how it is.  I haven't held back in the nitty gritty details that's for sure!
How did your husband feel about you talking about your sex life so openly in the book?
He is very proud of me for what I have done, and enjoyed reading the book a lot. I must admit he did go a beetroot red colour when reading the bits about our sex life!  He was so overwhelmed with what I wrote about our relationship, especially my feelings towards him and the way I describe him.  He maintains I have never said them to his face, so he was really touched.
Would you ever consider writing a novel?
I would love to!  I have found a real passion for writing and found it very good therapy!  I love losing myself to my laptop and putting down all the thoughts racing through my head.  If anyone tries to talk to me when I'm in the flow of writing they get totally blanked!
Who do you think will win the World Cup?
I'm pretty certain Brazil will win.  They are a really strong side and being the host country and having all those passionately supporting them will spur them on even more.  The supporters become the twelth man.
Are wags really as obsessed with fashion/beauty as the media make out? 
Wags LOVE fashion and beauty. We love to have the newest items out in the shops or be trying the latest beauty products, just so that we can say we have.  We are very good at shopping as we're lucky to have the time and funds to do it, and when we want to. The atmosphere of competition means we're always striving to be the fittest and the best dressed. 
Besides your husband, who do you think is the most attractive footballer past or present?
David Beckham is absolutely gorgeous in the flesh.  His style, his hair, his charisma, he just oozes sexiness! Roque Santa Cruz who plays for Malaga is a bit of alright too.  Oh and Gerard Pique is totally gorgeous also!  It's alright to look, right?!

Sure...after all, who wouldn't look at this fine specimen of a man?! (Any excuse for a picture of the Beckmeister on my blog).

With thanks to the Secret Wag and Madeline Toy.

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