Thursday, 17 July 2014

Top 5 'Things I've Learned in my 20s' by Elizabeth Aaron INCLUDING GIVEAWAY!

I'm absolutely delighted to have Elizabeth Aaron guesting on my blog today.  Her novel Low Expectations is out today, published by Quercus.

Top 5 ‘Things I’ve Learned In My 20s’ For Books With Bunny

While studying Fashion Design in London, author Elizabeth Aaron interned at Alexander McQueen and Jonathan Saunders as well as doing a freelance project for Givenchy. She moved to Paris in 2012 to write ‘Low Expectations’ while working as a nanny. Think ‘Girls’ meets ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ in Dalston- also featuring her weird/charming doodles.


-Do: Say ‘yes’ to Life! There has never been so much choice, stimulation and leisure afforded to us as human beings. If you have indoor plumbing, consider yourself to be living the Utopian ideal. Remember that there is always another avenue open to you. Say ‘yes’ to things you haven’t tried before, relax and have fun. Life is just a collection of experiences before death. Collect some interesting ones.


-Don’t: Live your life in fear. So, I actually learned this from Baz Luhrman’s camp extravaganza Strictly Ballroom, but the implications are profound. If you are making decisions because you are scared you can’t achieve what you really want, you’ll be stuck in a rut. It may be a very pleasant rut that leaves you only occasionally dissatisfied. Now is the time to explore! You may fail, but you’ll come out of it stronger, with stories to tell.


-Do: Feel like an idiot. This is not a sign that you are a moron but that you are curious and exposing yourself to new ideas. The more you feel like a fool, the sooner humiliation will fade! Eventually you will find your ignorance liberating, declaring it at every turn. You will be educated on subjects by the people most passionate about them and discover new ways of looking at the world. If someone makes you feel like a mug because of it, don’t take it personally and move on.


-Don’t: Try to transform into someone else’s ‘ideal version of you’. Whether it is a parent, friend or lover, slowly chipping away at your own preferences will leave you uncomfortable in your own skin. It also sets up an unhealthy dynamic of trying to please them - that is inevitably followed by failure of some kind. This isn’t to say don’t change - just think about what your priorities, dreams and values are. Like what you like, do what you want to do and go your own way.


-Do: Be incompetent. Life is a learning experience. Every job I’ve ever had, I’ve blagged my way into and been completely terrible at initially. Happily, if you are friendly and kind, it’s actually quite hard to get fired. You will adapt, learn and improve more quickly than you think. At which point you can move on to a new challenge – i.e. something else you are (for the moment) completely terrible at. Then one day, your accumulated new talents will lead you into something you are challenged by AND are actually qualified for. Huzzah!  

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Good Luck!!!



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