Monday, 23 December 2013

A Christmas Wish- Carole Matthews *including author Q and A*

A Christmas Wish is a festive ebook short released by Carole this month.  At the time of writing it is free to download on Amazon and also gives a sample chapter of Carole's latest novel, Calling Mrs Christmas (being reviewed on Books with Bunny very soon!)

A Christmas Wish is written in a first person narrative, giving us an insight into broken hearted Hannah's feeling.  She is revisiting Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland, a place which holds memories of a date with he ex Mitchell. 

The absolute highlight is how wonderfully the carousel is described.  All it's magical glory is described vividly-the colour, the speed, the escapism.  I am a bit of a fan of traditional fairground rides anyway, but Carole Matthews really reminded me why.  They are aesthetically beautiful, allow for nostalgic reflection and enable us adults to regress to a time of life where we had fewer cares.

It is a really lovely read, beautifully written and well worth a download.  It gives a flavour of what Carole has to offer in her novels (which are fantastic-I particularly recommend some of her more recent releases).

A Christmas Wish is out now in ebook format.


Carole very kindly agreed to take part in a festive Question and Answer with me and here is what she had to say....

Do you have any festive traditions that are important to you at Christmas?
I love spending time decorating the house. Inside and out. We put the cheesy Christmas tunes on - thank you, Michael Buble - break out the wine and the mince pies and spend most of the day knee-deep in glitter.
Would you like a white Christmas this year?
Yes! I’m one of the few people who love snow. I think it comes from working from home and not having to go out in it except to play. We always build a snowman.
What are you hoping for under your tree this Christmas?
Ugg boots. It’s a dead cert as I went and bought them myself to make sure!
What is your favourite Christmas carol?
I’m not a big one for carols, but my favourite song is Judy Garland singing ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’. Has me in bits every time I hear it.
If you were a Christmas Elf what would your name be?
Tiddly Jingle Pants.

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