Tuesday, 3 December 2013

One Perfect Christmas - Paige Toon

Day three of the Advent-ures in Fiction feature and bestseller Paige Toon is back on the blog! 

One Perfect Christmas follows on from One Perfect Summer and updates us on the story of Alice and Joe.  Joe is now an international megastar and Alice can't escape her feelings for him any longer.  Find out what happened next in their relationship...

One Perfect Christmas is a novella rather than a full length book, and although it doesn't feel rushed I would have loved to have had a really meaty chunk of a festive read from Paige to sink my teeth into.  She writes cracking romantic chicklit with characters that come across as being very human, full of the neuroses we have about not being enough for the one we love. 

This isn't an especially festive read despite some seasonal references, so could be enjoyed at any time of year.  I'd definitely recommend reading One Perfect Summer first to get to know the characters and appreciate the journey Joe and Alice have been on together. 

This is short and sweet, a perfect winter treat.

One Perfect Christmas is out now in ebook format.


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