Monday, 6 January 2014

The Birds and the Bees- Milly Johnson

It's our very first Milly Monday! Today I'm reviewing The Birds and the Bees...
The Blurb
Romance writer and single mum Stevie Honeywell has only weeks to go to her wedding when her fiance Matthew runs off with her glamorous new friend Jo MacLean.

It feels like history repeating itself for Stevie, but this time she is determined to win back her man. She isn’t going to act as he might expect. She isn’t going to wail and dig her heels in, she is simply going to pretend to let him go whilst she pursues a mad course of dieting, exercising and self-improvement.

And it feels like history is repeating itself for Adam MacLean too, who is also determined to win his lady, Jo, back with the same basic psychological tactics.

Then he is going to initiate his master plan: getting together with Stevie to drive Jo wild with jealousy.

So, like the Scottish country jig ‘The Birds and the Bees’, the couples all change partners and learn some revealing truths about each other along the way.

But what happens when Adam’s master plan actually starts to work? And just who will Stevie be dancing with when the music stops?

In typical Milly Johnson fashion, The Birds and the Bees is a tale of friendship, trust and romance with a large dollop of humour on the side.  I absolutely loved the lead character Stevie and was willing her to see exactly what was under her nose! 

The farcial games Stevie and Adam play to try to win back Matthew and Jo respectively were entertaining and gave me chuckles.  However, the plot also touches on some of life's more harsh realities- debt, unfaithfulness, domestic abuse and single parenthood- ensuring that this is more than just an out and out light-hearted read.

The complete star of the show for me though is Danny, Stevie's wonderful young son.  He is wise, mischievous and certainly keeps Stevie on her toes!  He reminded me very much of my own little boy with his big ideas and sharp insight.

The majority of the chapters were very short which made this a perfect book to read over Christmas when I was only able to dip in and out of reading. 

Fans of Milly Johnson will love this book, which may also appeal to readers of Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes. 


The Birds and the Bees is out now, published by Simon and Schuster.

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