Friday, 3 January 2014

The Morelli Diamonds- Sara Sheridan

I am an absolute fangirl when it comes to Mirabelle Bevan.  I can't help it.  She's just amazing.  Sharp, witty, beautiful, strong and with a deep down vulnerability which belies her outer exterior. 
The Morelli Diamonds is a short story, probably equating to the equivalent of one short chapter of a full length novel.  It took maybe 10 minutes to read, so would be suitable for reading on a coffee break or when commuting.
Mirabelle is caught in a scandal at the Imperial hotel when the body of a young girl is found at the same time that wealthy guest Morelli says diamonds have gone missing.  I found this an interesting short story with a lot packed in, but as with The Night Train I wished that it was longer so I could really get my teeth into it.  I liked the plot but did feel it would have been strengthened by more hints about Mirabelle's character for fans of the fictional sleuth.
However, for a quick Mirabelle fix it works well, and now that we're into 2014 it isn't long until the next full length novel!  I can't wait!
The Morelli Diamonds is out now in ebook format.

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