Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The First Kiss- Brigid Coady

Having read and enjoyed Brigid Coady's The Last Kiss recently (you can see my review here ) I was really excited to read the next instalment in the Kiss trilogy.  Designed to be read on a phone or tablet (or on a coffee break, bus, sat on the loo!), these short romantic stories are full of heart and soul despite their short length.

The First Kiss encapsulates the magic and anticipation at the start of a romance.  Brigid Coady wraps up the innocence and naivety of this experience perfectly and will transport you back to those heady moments of your own first kiss.  Despite being such a short read there is still a build up which had me gripped. This would be suitable for a young adult reader as well as mature readers and everyone else in between!

If romantic short stories are your thing (and they are most definitely mine) I would highly recommend you try the Kiss stories.  Tender, romantic and classic, these stories are a reminder that good old fashioned romance has not been totally ousted by the rise in erotica.

The First Kiss is out now, published by Harper Impulse, a digital imprint of Harper Collins.


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