Tuesday 14 April 2015

Harper Impulse Fortnight

Since announcing Harper Impulse Fortnight, I've been inundated with book lovers, bloggers and authors keen to find out more about the event.  Hopefully this post will tell you everything you need to know!

What is Harper Impulse Fortnight?
Harper Impulse Fortnight (HIFortnight) is a two week period celebrating Harper Collins' digital first romance publisher Harper Impulse.

When is Harper Impulse Fortnight?
It runs April 27th 2015-May 10th 2015 inclusive.

Why Harper Impulse?
I've been a big fan of their books since their launch in 2013 and believe Harper Impulse are currently the most diverse of all the romance publishers.  There is something for every romance reader in their back catalogue so I wanted to spread the love!

How Can I Get Involved?
The Harper Impulse Challenge- can you read and review (either on your blog/goodreads/amazon/all three!) at least one Harper Impulse book during HIFortnight?  You can view their titles on the Harper Impulse website to get a flavour of which tickle your fancy.

Blog Posts- If you are a book or lifestyle blogger, could you dedicate one or more posts to Harper Impulse books or authors during HIFortnight?  These could be reviews, guest posts, HI books you'd like to read...or anything else relating to Harper Impulse! 

If you are interested in running a Q and A or guest post with a specific author, most are willing to oblige you with some exclusive content (depending on their writing/work commitments)- you can either contact them directly via Twitter or Facebook, or if you'd prefer, tweet me (@katey5678) and I'll approach them on your behalf.

Follow the Hashtag- To keep up to date with everything that is happening in HIFortnight, including some wonderful giveaways, follow the hashtag #HIFortnight.  It would be great if you'd use this hashtag in your own tweets relating to the event so other readers and authors can read your views and reviews!

So that's the outline for Harper Impulse Fortnight!  There are no restrictions or rules, and you can be as involved as you want, posting about it each day or once during the fortnight...it's up to you. 

You don't need to sign up to take part, although if you let me know you're planning to be involved I can email you the banner for the event and help you get any more information/guest posts if needed.

I'm contactable on twitter, @katey5678.


  1. Such a fab idea, Katey! I'll definitely get involved with this - although looking through their books I see there's already too many I'm going to want to read haha :) xx