Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Indiscretion- Hannah Fielding BLOG TOUR

I'm thrilled to be today's stop on Hannah Fielding's blog tour!  Indiscretion was released last week,  and I was instantly captivated by the cover- totally alluring and full of Spanish fire (plus, I want those cheekbones...)
Keep reading to find out what I thought of Hannah's latest book.

The Blurb
Secrets, danger and passion under the scorching Spanish sun from the Award-winning author of The Echoes of Love. Set in the wild landscape of Andalucia, Indiscretion is a compelling story of love and identity, danger and desire, and the uncertainty of happiness when two worlds collide. Written in Fielding's signature style, infused with an old-school Hollywood glamour, Indiscretion evokes the drama and passion of 1950s post-war Spain.

The Review
Having read and enjoyed Hannah Fielding's The Echoes of Love back in 2013, I was delighted to be invited to review Indiscretion.  What I remembered most about The Echoes of Love was the gorgeously descriptive passages that made me feel like I'd been transported to Venice so I was keen to see if this latest offering would also do that-I quite fancied the idea of visiting Andalucia, even if it was via the pages of a novel rather than in real life!

Alexandra, the protagonist of the piece, is a writer in 50s London, but keen to visit her family in Spain for the first time.  She takes the plunge, convincing herself the trip is as much about research for her latest novel as visiting her family, but once Alexandra arrives in Andalucia she becomes embroiled in family drama and falls for the charms of suave batchelor Salvador.

Hannah Fielding's novels are not the most fast paced, but the wonderful descriptions of southern Spain make up for that.  It's dramatic and passionate, a family saga with sharp observations of the intricacies of relationships, and the location adds to the fiery, passionate feel. 

This book is quite a slow burner at the start, so I recommend setting aside some time to devote to reading the first few chapters- get to know the characters and the setting, and then when the drama heats up you'll find the pace picks up too.  However, the description-heavy writing gave me plenty of visual imagery so I could daydream about a bit of Spanish sun as the story built up.

If you like your romances filled with smouldering Mediterranean men, secrets and lies, then Indiscretion could be the perfect read for you this Easter.

Indiscretion is out now in hardback, published by London Wall Publishing.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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