Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The British Book Affair 2015

On Saturday 18th April 2015 I headed down to London's swanky Marriott Hotel just off Grosvenor Square to meet up with some of my favourite authors!  The British Book Affair celebrated the best of steamy erotic fiction and I was delighted to be able to attend and meet the creators of some of my book boyfriends.
Firstly I met the lovely Emma Hart, author of The Love Game.  She signed my books and her very sweet hubby took our photo- plus he won the award for best tshirt at the event hands down!
I was also desperately keen to meet Kitty French as I've known Kitty for ten years now, but the queue to get near her was crazily long- which just goes to show how popular her books are with readers!

I did eventually get to give her a good squish though and have a bit of a catch up- albeit short, as her fans were clamouring for an autograph and pictures.  I'm so, so proud of how far she's come, she's hugely inspirational to me.  I can't wait to read Genie!  I'd been waiting for a paper copy rather than buying a kindle version because I knew I wanted it signed, but now there's no stopping me...

Another author I just had to meet was Anna Todd, author of the After series.  As a One Direction fan I've been a fan of Anna for a long while and her success is just phenomenal.  She's also genuinely lovely, and I can vouch for her being just as sweet in real life as she is on twitter.  She really does value her readers!  She gave me a huge hug (even though I was all stinky from travelling from Sheffield to London!) and I couldn't believe she knew who little old me was. 
Anna has always been keen to encourage others to write and has definitely played a part in helping me to believe that dreams can come true, so it was great to be able to tell her how thrilled I am for her success and that she's spurring me on to reach my own writing related goals.

I was also thrilled to meet the glamorous saucepot Abbi Glines.  Seriously, she's one foxy mama!  And I've got most of her back catalogue waiting to be read, so this summer is going to be a Glines-fest, for sure. 

I also fangirlled so hard over the lovely Christina Lauren girls!  They are constantly smiling and laughing and both of them appreciate all aspects of the genre (and, ahem, the importance of a gorgeous, half-naked-if-possible man on the cover).  I want a night out with these ladies so badly, because they are hilarious!  And I want to reread all their books, and share my thoughts on the ones I've not yet reviewed.
I also had the pleasure of meeting Samantha Young, Rebecca Donovan and Pamela Ann amongst others, plus the lovely ladies from The Hot Bed. Everyone was great fun and they all seemed to enjoy connecting with readers. 
Overall, it was a fabulous event-and it went on long after I had to leave with a fancy evening do running late into the night.
How long until BBA16?!  I want to get my ticket...

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