Thursday, 12 September 2013

A Bookcase Full of Treasure

Introducing my new feature!

A Bookcase Full of Treasure was inspired by Emylia Hall's A Heart Bent Out of Shape (you can read my review here).  Hadley, the protagonist in Hall's book, has the thought that 'her bookcase was filling with treasure; unremarkable to a stranger's eyes, but infinitely precious to her'.  This set my brain whirring and thinking about the 'keepers' (books I have read and will always keep) on my shelf.  Some have been kept because of where I was when I read them, others because the story resonated with me.  Some because of the inscriptions scribbled on the title page, some for nostalgic purposes, some because they are signed by the author.  Some because I love the edition, others because they are rare, out of print or the quest it took to get.  All of them are 'book treasure' to me. 

Through this feature I will allow you all a sneaky peek at my bookshelves and the memories inextricably linked to the books held upon them.

I am excited to share my gems with you.  The first instalment will be coming up very soon on Books with Bunny...

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