Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My favourite places to read

This post is in some ways a no-brainer as I love to read pretty much anywhere.  After a bit of thought though I came up with my five favourite places to delve into a book.  Here goes...

1) Snuggled up on a chair
I think this is my favourite way to read.  Conventional and predictable but totally relaxing, I love to settle down with a book after a busy day. I wrap myself in a fluffy blanket and get transported to a faraway place through the pages of a book.  This is especially perfect on a dark night with rain hammering against the window-it feels indulgent and safe.  Even better with a bar of Dairy Milk.

2) On a train
I love reading on the move.  There is something magical about it, something that makes me think of a black and white film-the world whizzing past outside the window, another world whizzing around my mind.  It is a real pleasure to be whisked away in every sense.

3) In Bed
A wonderful way to unwind.  I either plump up the pillows behind me and lay back or else lie flat on my tummy with the book resting on my pillow.  It is rare a day goes by when I don't read in bed.

4) On the loo
This isn't exactly one of my favourite places to read, but I do value the peace and quiet the bathroom brings.  When my son is driving me crackers I will retreat there and read a few pages to unwind, solace from five minutes alone with a book in the smallest room.

5) In the park
I love finding a shaded spot on a sunny day, pulling my knees in towards me and reading.  Hearing the wind rustle the leaves on the trees, the gentle hubbub of people walking dogs or pushing buggies, life going on around me as I am sucked into a page-turner, only semi-aware of everyday life. 

I would love to hear from any blog readers about where they most like to read.  Feel free to comment below or tweet me @bookswithbunny.


  1. I now love to read in bed. It's so much easier with a kindle. I found it so frustrating trying to get comfy whilst trying to hold open a book.

    In the car, (when I'm a passenger of course) seat slightly reclined, feet up on the dashboard and a couple of cushions. It's easy for me as I only have little legs ;-)

  2. I can and do read anywhere! I think my favourite places are in the car (when a passenger of course!), on the train and on a sunbed next to a swimming pool.
    I'm positive that these are my favourite places because I know that I shouldn't be doing something else instead, and can happily read with no guilty thoughts about that report I should be writing, or the ironing, or the floor that needs washing!

  3. I will read anywhere, all the places listed, but often find myself reading in the bath

    Lainy http://www.alwaysreading.net

  4. I read anywhere too - I'm another who likes to read when on the move and my favourite thing to do is go on a long bus or train journey, on my own with my book or kindle and curl up at the back - Woe betide the unwary passenger who tries to sit next to me and strike up conversation!