Monday, 9 September 2013

The Reunion- Amy Silver

Having previously enjoyed Amy Silver's other books, I had been waiting with anticipation to read The Reunion.  A bit more grown up in both style and subject matter, I was keen to see how her latest offering compared to the successful One Minute to Midnight and All I Want for Christmas.

The Reunion is the story of six friends.  Jen, Conor, Lilah, Andrew, Nat and Dan were exceptionally close at university, and thought it would always be that way.  Now, nearly twenty years later, they are all gathering together in the French Alps, where the tragedy that affected them all took place.  As they seek to rid themselves of the torment they bear, can they also bring themselves to forgive each other for the lies, betrayals and actions that took place so long ago?

A painful study in how one event can affect people in different ways, The Reunion was a touching and emotive read.  I'm not ashamed to admit that there were moments where I had tears in my eyes, particularly in the sections of the book delivered in letters and emails from the past.  The friendships and relationships were beautifully portrayed-believable and real, raw and passionate.  I really cared for every member of the group, even though I couldn't always relate to them.  It was interesting to watch them grow and try to find themselves as the story progressed, almost a coming-of-age novel for adults.

It was evident how Amy Silver has grown as a writer, the plot was strong and I found The Reunion to a be compelling read.  Serious subjects tackled head-on with a strong emphasis on friendship and family made for a gripping read. 

It also provided me with food for thought as I considered the long-lasting friendships that I have myself and how various events, albeit none so tragic as those in the book, have affected them over the years (decades!).

Would I recommend it?  Definitely.  But my advice would be to maybe purchase a box of Kleenex to go with it if you are as soppy as me!  The ending broke my heart.

The Reunion is available from 12th September 2013, published by Arrow.


With thanks to Arrow for providing me with a review copy of this book.

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