Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Learning to Love- Sheryl Browne *part of Sheryl Browne's blog tour*

Andrea feels like life is running away from her.  A mum of three also caring for her mother, Andrea is plodding along with her partner Jonathan offering little comfort or support.  When tragedy strikes and Andrea finds her home burnt to a crisp, it isn't Jonathan there to pick up the pieces, nor her house-proud best friend Sally.  Handsome doctor David Adams welcomes Andrea and her dysfunctional family into his home whilst the insurance claim is being processed and Andrea finds that everyone important in her life is part of a very tangled web...

I really enjoyed Learning to Love.  The characters were easy to relate to, especially Andrea.  It had just the right balance of humour to alleviate the more serious aspects of the story. Sheryl Browne portrayed the emotions of bereavement in childhood in a sensitive and touching way, and the dynamics of the relationship between David and his son Jake was interesting to read.  I loved the children in Learning to Love and how they were distinct characters rather than just bit-parts.  They were definitely given the attention they deserved and allowed to develop as the novel progressed.  I thought the plot was fun, although did predict a few key events before they happened, which was the main negative for me. 

Learning to Love manages to encapsulate how it feels to be a woman trying to keep on top of everyday life.  I am sure that Andrea's story will resonate with female readers particularly those who feel they are juggling so many aspects of life and a ball (or six) could drop any moment.  A light hearted story despite touching on some serious issues, Learning to Love is an entertaining, easy read- a more mature style of chick-lit that might appeal to fans of Katie Fforde.

Learning to Love is out now, published by Safkhet.


With thanks to Sheryl Browne for providing me with a copy of Learning to Love in return for an honest review.  Sheryl would love to hear from you via twitter, @SherylBrowne.

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  1. Well, that's a fabulous review, Kate!!! Thank you so much! I couldn't have wished for more. Thank you also for taking the time to read. I know you have a very high tbr pile. It's hugely appreciated. :) xx