Tuesday, 29 October 2013

It's Got To Be Perfect- Haley Hill

I am absolutely delighted to be part of Haley Hill's blog tour for It's Got To Be Perfect

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this book.  The subtitle 'The Memoirs of a Modern-Day Matchmaker' lead me to expect a diary format, which I sometimes find hard to get absorbed in, but I needn't have worried- this was set over a four year period but written in only two main sections.

Based on the author's personal experiences of running a successful dating agency, It's Got To Be Perfect is an amusing look at dating in the twenty-first century.  Ellie Rigby starts up a dating agency as her own relationship falls apart.  Determined to find if true love is a reality or a myth, Ellie's matchmaking skills sometimes leave a lot to be desired, and the a few of the characters looking for love are challenging...

Entertaining and fast paced, I enjoyed the comical stories of the nightmare dates and especially liked the feuding between Mandi and Mia, Ellie's assistants.  Anyone who has ever had to work with someone who has opposing viewpoints to themselves will be able to relate to their disagreements!

This isn't a book I would necessarily have chosen for myself, but I was pleasantly surprised.  This may well appeal to fans of Imogen Edwards-Jones's Babylon series, or anyone looking for a light hearted, fun-filled read.

It's Got To Be Perfect is out now.


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