Tuesday, 22 October 2013

'You've Never Read Jane Austen, The Lord of the Rings, The Notebook or the Karma Sutra?!' by guest blogger Kirsty

The wonderful Kirsty from Love of a Good Book blog is joining us today to share the books she's never read.  Big thanks to Kirsty for supporting Books With Bunny and writing such an entertaining piece (with a bit of added eye candy for the ladies!).  Here she is...
 I've always been an avid reader and my bookcase is full of genres, yes I have quite a few books in the chick lit genre but if something sparks my interest then I will read it! 
So I guess in a way I've never been a follower of book hype, if I want to read it, I want to read it! 

Because I'm a book reviewer, people assume I've read every book going (I wish) 

But there are many books I've not read, like the classics! 
I've not read anything by Jane Austen *ducks from flying objects*.
I have no excuse to give you, I just haven't read them.


I've also never read The Lord of The Rings trilogy, I've seen all the films and loved them but I've never got around to reading them.
Both my mum and brother assure me they are fantastic books, so maybe one day I will get around to reading them.

Speaking of books that were made into films, I haven't read The Notebook and honestly I never will.
I will read other books by Nicholas Sparks, but I could never read The Notebook, knowing that I could put the film on and submerge myself in the world of the gorgeous Gosling just seems to appeal to me more. 
It's a wonderfully romantic film and yes I'm sure the book is better but Gosling wins I'm afraid! 
And all this talk of the sex god that is Gosling leads me to my next book.


I've never read the Karma Sutra and in all fairness unless I meet a Gideon Cross I doubt I ever will.

The thing with books is that everyone takes away something different from everything they read and for every person that's not read them like me, there is someone who is currently raving about them.
All I say is, read a book today! 

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