Friday, 4 October 2013

The Night Train- Sara Sheridan (Mirabelle Bevan short story)

I downloaded The Night Train as I have absolutely adored the two full length Mirabelle Bevan books.  I was thrilled to bits to realise I'd be able to get another dose of my favourite sleuth before the release of the next book early next year. 
I'm not always a fan of short stories and this really is very succinct- around the same length as a short chapter.  Whilst I had hoped it would be a bit longer because I am such a fan of the books, the writing was the usual fluid, perceptive style that I have come to expect from Sara Sheridan, and was a thought-provoking insight into the possibilities of a journey, especially a night train (going on a night train is on my Bucket List and I am even more keen to complete it now- I love the idea of the sun setting as you leave one place and rising as you arrive in another).
For fans of Mirabelle who are looking to get a peek at her softer side, The Night Train offers this opportunity. Brief, but wonderfully worded, I would love Sara Sheridan to compile a collection of Mirabelle short stories with snippets of her encounters, as this is one woman who leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets.  A charming glimpse into a fleeting moment.

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  1. Where did you access the Night Train? I have been trying to get hold of a acopy of it together with the Morreli diamond with no success.