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'You've Never Read The Lord of the Rings, The Cement Garden or Fifty Shades of Grey?!' by guest blogger Emma Louise

I 'met' Emma Louise via the wonderful world of twitter and have always enjoyed her take on the world relating to reading.  Today she shares with us the books that people are always surprised she hasn't read.  Over to Emma Louise...

I’d just like to thank Kate for kindly having me on her blog today! It’s an unusual topic, one that many people never stop to think about. There are so many books in the world and unfortunately, we can’t read them all. I wish we could. However, there are certain ones which I have avoided...

Fifty Shades Of Grey by E L James

This is a bestselling book and I’m puzzled why. From what I have heard, the spelling and punctuation is awful but readers have seen past this and enjoyed the trilogy. But why do I see women on trains hiding the front cover behind a magazine? Perhaps they’re ashamed. I mean let’s face it, everyone has sex and we all love a good bonkbuster from time to time – I mean I adore Rebecca Chance who is the Queen of sexy books, nobody can top that lady!

            So why have I avoided the trilogy? Simple; it’s not my cup of tea. I don’t mind people talking about it but quite frankly, I don’t have an opinion on it. I’ll be honest, when I was writing a very saucy scene for a novel I’m working on, I did purchase a sample copy on my Kindle. My eyes widened when I read a couple of sentences. I’ve been called a frigid prune for not reading it, which is funny actually, because I’m not. Some people haven’t read Harry Potter (god knows why!) and some haven’t read the sex trilogy like myself.


The Cement Garden by Ian McEwan

During my third and final year of my Bachelor Honours Degree, we were given a list of set novels which I had to read and watch for our Text To Screen module. For those wondering, I did a split degree of Creative Writing & Film Studies. This set list was for Film Studies. Can I just say how much I loved that module, I’d be happy to do it all over again and I got a First in my HP essay!

            So, why did I avoid this particular book? Actually, I didn’t. I read the first couple of pages and ended up being sick. It’s about incest. Put it this way: when the father dies, the boy is masturbating in the mirror whilst thinking about his little sister. Horrible, isn’t it? Well, you guys didn’t have to hide behind your hands whilst your lecturer forced you to watch the film! Some things aren’t worth a degree...


Lord Of The Rings by JR Tolkien

I know that this is a well loved series but for me, it was the language which I found hard to get into. Again, this is a text which I had to read for my Film Studies Degree. I watched the second film as this was the chosen text from the series but that is three hours of my life which I will, sadly, never get back.

            So, why did I avoid this particular book? Like I said above, it was because of the language but also, I’m a big fan of characters. For me, the characters are extremely important for me. If they don’t jump out at me (and I don’t mean literally), then I close the book shut and I probably won’t pick it back up.

I can’t think of any more books which I have purposely avoided, but these are definitely the main three. There are fans all the over the world who have different opinions of different novels and we’ll all entitled to our own say. Some like horror, I prefer romance. Although I have watched The Woman In Black and that is another one book which I will never read! In case you’re wondering, I only watched the film because Daniel Radcliffe was the main actor and everyone knows I’m in love with him!

Again, thank you to the lovely Kate for allowing me to guest post on her blog. I’ve had an absolute blast sharing my choices with you all.

If you’re interested in my opinions or if you’re a romance/chick-lit fan, pop over to my blog: where you can find book reviews, author interviews, guest posts, cover reveals, my schedule for the rest of the year and of course, my TBR list!

Lots of love,

Emma Louise xx

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