Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Blue- Lisa Glass

Firstly, how pretty is the cover for this one?!  The beautiful, hazy sunlight had me dreaming of long, lazy days at the beach.  And the half naked hottie frolicking in the surf?  Well, no comments about what HE had me dreaming of...

I love a good romance more than pretty much anything, and I'd heard fantastic things about Blue.  Set in the surfer's haven of Fistral in Cornwall, the story focuses around Iris, a sixteen year old who loves nothing more than spending her days surfing.  But then Zeke arrives, beautiful and talented, and Iris can't deny the attraction.  She knows it isn't practical, she knows she might end up hurt, so can she allow herself to fall for him?

The romance between Iris and Zeke had me hooked- all the initial excitement of teenage love (and lust) comes sizzling off the page.  And Lisa Glass certainly knows how to write a good male lead.  I was a bit hot under the proverbial collar at the thought of Zeke in his wetsuit- phew!  A new book boyfriend for me I think...  I wonder if it was because he was strong, or daring, or successful, or downright beautiful that I liked him?  Although actually I think one of his most attractive features is his loyalty to his family.  Zeke's family play a prominent role in the story and I adored their kooky ways.  They came across as a tightknit unit and when they faced difficult times in the book I always had hope that there would be a happy ending for them all.

Blue is a perfect YA novel for summer, with just the right balance of sun, sea, surf and (not explicit) sex.  There are themes in the novel such as virginity, drugs, experimenting with alcohol, sexuality which make it very much a YA book, but adults may also enjoy Blue.  It manages to have a chilled out feel despite being reasonably well paced, and although I have no experience of surfing myself (you would not get me in a wetsuit for love nor money) I loved how the surfing community was portrayed, almost like an extended family.

An enjoyable summer read with enough 'will they/won't they' to keep you guessing.

Blue is out now.

With thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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