Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Change the World Before Bedtime- Mark Kimball Moulton, Josh Chalmers and Karen Good

Change the World Before Bedtime is a book for pre-schoolers and infants.  Through a simple, rhyming text and fun, cartoon-like images, readers will learn about the importance of recycling, a balanced diet, caring for those less fortunate than themselves, loving animals and the value of encouraging words.  A book with a strong moral message, Change the World Before Bedtime is educational and thought provoking and offers the opportunity for children to realise that small actions can make a big difference.
Children will enjoy the accessible and amusing illustrations which help bring the rhyming text to life, and the use of speech bubbles within the  artwork allows for a gentle introduction to these literary concepts.  A book that will be popular with teachers and childminders, Change the World Before Bedtime is a positive, uplifting read that I found enjoyable and appropriate for the target age-range.  As an American title, the only downside for me was the American spelling within the book (eg. 'color' instead of the English 'colour'), which would discourage me from using it with children that are learning to read.  I would, however, happily use this as a talking point for PSED lessons with nursery age children and an introduction to personal responsibilities for self, others and the world.
Many thanks to Schiffer Publishing provided me with a copy of Change the World Before Bedtime in return for an honest review.

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