Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Speeding Down the Spiral- Deborah Goodman Davis

Speeding Down the Spiral (subtitled 'An Artful Adventure) is the story of Lizzie and Ben's visit to the Guggenheim Museum.  From arriving at the iconic building Lizzie is in awe of the structure and its spiral shape, and when Ben's pushchair rolls away from her a whistlestop tour of the exhibits ensues.  Ben sails past paintings from Miro, Picasso, Cezanne and Warhol amongst others, and this fun filled book also educates and informs.

I thought this an entertaining children's book and a fabulous way to introduce younger readers to an architectural masterpiece and the collection of classic works of art that it houses.  Having visited the Guggenheim on my honeymoon eight years ago I am now itching to go back.  The main limitation for me was that the pictures of the art on display at the Guggenheim are small compared to the overall illustrations.  I feel that the book would work better if these were larger.


Speeding Down the Spiral has a fantastic website to accompany the book- visit it here.

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