Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Night Flower-Sara Stovell *Part of The Night Flower blog tour*

How proud am I to be the final stop on Sarah Stovell's blog tour?  And on publication day itself, no less!  Feeling a little bit humbled, but what a fabulous opportunity to be part of the launch for The Night Flower, and I do so wish I were able to be at the party tonight-a celebration is certainly deserved!  To find out more about the book and read further reviews and interviews with Sarah, pop along to the other blogs mentioned on the above flyer.
Sarah Stovell is a fantastic talent.  The Night Flower was written as part of her PhD in Creative Writing and is an immersive, enlightening novel. 

Miriam, a sweet young Romany gypsy, is orphaned and in order to survive befriends headstrong Katie-May.  Led astray by her new friend, Miriam's life changes dramatically. 

Rose is the opposite of Miriam- well brought up, well turned out and a mother who takes her role seriously.  However, as her life changes beyond recognition her future mirrors that of Miriam, and both women are piled on to a crowded, stinking ship and transported to the convict colonies of Tasmania. 

Can Miriam and Rose, who appear to have nothing in common, work together, trust each other or even become friends?

The Night Flower is a fabulous read.  Alluring despite the dark subject matter, it is ultimately a book exploring how quickly life can change.  It demonstrates the resilience within us as humans and is a gritty, honest book.

I found Miriam and Rose likeable characters and I empathised with their plight.  Their lives are so far removed from my own that as a reader I felt almost guilty at my freedom, choice and privilege.

The Night Flower is beautifully written, an intoxicating, seductive book best enjoyed in as few sittings as possible.  Dark and gritty, coarse and seedy- Sarah Stovell's book makes for uncomfortable yet riveting reading.

The Night Flower is out now, published by Tindal Street Press.


With thanks to Sarah Stovell and Tindal Street for inviting me to be part of The Night Flower blog tour.  They would both love to hear your views about the book via twitter, @tindalstreet and @sarah_stovell.


  1. I think Tindal Street Press have published some fabulous books. This one sounds really great. Great post Kate x

  2. It did take a while for me to really get hooked, but then I was immersed and devoured it!