Sunday, 11 August 2013

Glaciers- Alexis M. Smith

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but I think we are all guilty of being attracted (or otherwise) to books because of them.  Glaciers initially stood out to me because of the vintage style cover which led me to read the blurb.  I was convinced I would love it. Described as 'a story about longing', Glaciers is Isobel's tale.  She works in a library and loves everything vintage, and as I used to work in a library and also love anything with a history I felt Isobel could be me.

A short book that can easily be read in one sitting, Glaciers is delightful to read.  Nothing extraordinary happens in the book.  It is very much the story of an ordinary young woman, working an ordinary job, with ordinary interests and ordinary emotions.  For me, this is what makes it a triumph.  With a simple concept, yet exquisitely executed, Alexis M. Smith drew me into Isobel's world so fully that I could experience every tingle of emotion of the protagonist. 

Wise messages are sprinkled throughout to give the reader food for thought, particular favourites of mine being '...everything is temporary.  Everything.  There's not a thing in the world that will not change, including you' and ''s a treasure if you love it.  It doesn't matter how much it costs, or whether anyone else wants it.  If you love it, you will treasure it, does that make sense?'. 

It is hard to compare Glaciers to another book.  It reads almost like a classic novel with its accessible literary prowess.  Isobel's unrequited love brings elements of romance.  The insights into Isobel's emotions gives Glaciers the feel of a diary-honest and heartfelt.  It encompasses so much in just 174 short pages.

I know I will reread this book.  With acute observations and a hauntingly beautiful writing style , Glaciers deserves to be an international success for Alexis M. Smith.  I love it.  I will treasure it.

Glaciers is out now, published by Oneworld.


With thanks to Oneworld for providing me with a copy of Glaciers in return for an honest review.

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