Tuesday, 13 August 2013

It's Raining Men-Milly Johnson

I absolutely love Milly Johnson.  She writes witty 'chicklit' and I always find her characters likeable and believable.  The lead characters in It's Raining Men are no exception, and the bond between the friends is portrayed beautifully throughout the book. 

May, Clare and Lara are workmates that seem to have lost all work/life balance.  On top of that they are each facing relationship difficulties.  A spa holiday is just what the doctor ordered, a chance to escape and withdraw from the stresses of life for a while.  However, when they arrive at their destination, it isn't at all what they expect.  Ren Dullem is unwelcoming and full of locals who seem determined to spoil the girls' holiday. 

It's Raining Men is very different to Milly Johnson's previous novels.  Whilst still driven by relationships and friendships, there is also a magical element that will require most readers to suspend disbelief.  Personally that was my least favourite aspect of the novel, but that is possibly as I was expecting It's Raining Men to be similar to Milly's other books.  I did however, really enjoy finding out more about Lara, May and Clare's lives, and my nosy nature enjoyed meeting the eclectic, eccentric mix of locals in Ren Dullem. 

An easy read, It's Raining Men entertained and amused me.  If you enjoyed Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl, I am sure you'll love this. 

It's Raining Men is out now in paperback, published by Simon and Schuster.


You can read about the fun I had at the Meadowhall book launch of It's Raining Men here.

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