Saturday, 3 August 2013

Milly Johnson's fabulous book launch of 'It's Raining Men'!

The wonderful Milly Johnson is Barnsley through and through.  A proud Yorkshire lass, it is only right and proper that her latest offering It's Raining Men should be released on August 1st, Yorkshire Day.  Following a charity launch on publication day itself, Milly and her men poured into Waterstone's at Meadowhall shopping centre today to celebrate.  I went along with my friends Anne and Wendy to find out exactly what these celebrations entailed.
Now Milly knows how to launch a book.  Not content with signing copies like most authors, she was dishing out chocolates shaped like umbrellas, tote bags and bookmarks.  And of course, there were her men, dancing regularly to The Weathergirls classic anthem... fans had the opportunity to win a goodie bag by having their photo taken with them afterwards.

Anne, Wendy and I were also interviewed for Milly's page, so keep an eye out for it!  Slightly bumbling interview on my part, but did get a plug for the blog in there-ever the professional...
Milly herself was a delight to meet.  You can tell she really appreciates her loyal fanbase and takes nothing for granted.  She has a radiant smile and a cheeky glint in her eye and is exactly how anyone who has read her books would expect her to be (except, perhaps, slightly shorter).

After getting my copy signed, I made sure I had a photo with Milly as a souvenir of the day.  Little did I know at that point that I'd have much more to remember the day by!
Yes, I won the photo competition!  Here is the winning entry, me sheltering underneath an umbrella whilst it's raining men (see what I did there?!)
I won all of Milly's back catalogue (signed), some delicious Lush shower gel, an It's Raining Men brolly, a fake tan set and a pocket mirror, all in a gift bag.  It topped off what was a fantastic day.   Both Milly and the models were up for a laugh, including lifting up Anne for her photo, and the promotion team were friendly, chatty and genuinely interested in what appealed to readers about Milly's writing style.  I'm very excited to read It's Raining Men as Milly Johnson never disappoints (review of It's Raining Men to follow very soon), and if you want a laugh out loud read to enjoy over the summer, head to Amazon where it is currently available to download for just 99p.  Or better still, buy the paperback so you can see the beautiful cover.
Thanks to Milly, Books and the City, Simon and Schuster and Waterstone's Meadowhall for making today so much fun.

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