Friday, 13 March 2015

Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm- Rebecca Raisin COVER REVEAL

It's time.  Time to share the beautiful cover for Rebecca Raisin's next book Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm
I love the detail of the orange and bronze maple leaves, and the teasing silhouette hints at the kind of romance I've come to expect from Rebecca's writing.  I was very fortunate to read a small section of this book in its first draft and now I'm itching to find out more.  If YOU want to know more, here's the blurb to give you a taster of what to expect...
The Blurb
Clay’s inheritance of Maple Syrup Farm came at the perfect time. Leaving city life behind he headed for maple-tree surrounded Ashford, Connecticut. Getting the farm in working order again might be back breaking work – but it seems to be the only way for Clay to finally forget about the girl who once broke his heart… Lucy’s had enough of rules and the stress of planning her life down to the very last detail. Looking for an adventure she stumbles upon Maple Syrup Farm and its gorgeously gruff owner. This could be the perfect place to hide out…! But the tranquillity and warmth of Maple Syrup Farm is enough to heal even the most battered of hearts. There are very few problems in life that can’t be cheered up by maple syrup! The new standalone novel from bestselling author of the Gingerbread Cafe trilogy and The Bookshop on the Corner, Rebecca Raisin.

Luckily it's not long until release day of April 1st... get your pre-order in now!

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