Friday, 15 May 2015

Flashback Friday- reliving the awesomeness that was #HIFortnight

When I first approached Charlotte Ledger of Harper Impulse about the possibility of organising a week devoted to reading and reviewing Harper Impulse books and spotlighting authors on Books with Bunny, she was enthusiastic about the idea.  She put out the feelers for me and fed back saying the authors thought it sounded a fun way to showcase the imprint and share the love for romantic fiction.  It was going to happen!

Before long I had so many authors willing to write guest posts, offer prizes for giveaways and answer all kinds of questions that I knew this was going to be big, too big to happen in one week, and too big for me to run on my own!  I mentioned the idea of a fortnight devoted to Harper Impulse on twitter and the wonderful blogging community rose to the challenge and offered their support of the event- I blooming love blogging!

So, a small idea about a feature on my blog became a big event within the romance/women's fiction blogging community!  Woohoo!

What followed was a celebration of romantic fiction of all subgenres, and as a result my reading list has grown immensely and I feel I know the deepest darkest crushes of pretty much all the authors ;)

Altogether there were over 140 blog posts linked to the #HIFortnight hashtag, and quite possibly more posts besides that I've not stumbled across.  How amazing is that?

Many thanks to all the authors and staff at Harper Impulse and to the bloggers who took part (takes a deep breath before listing them all!)- Star Crossed Reviews, The Book Trail, Little Northern Soul, Alba in Bookland, Rachel's Random Reads, Chick Lit Chloe, Comet Babe's Books, Bookaholic Confessions, Reviewed The Book, Sincerely Book Angels, Librarian Lavender- Suze Likes, Loves, Finds and Dreams, Afternoon Bookery, Sky's Book Corner, A Page of Fictional Love, Paris Baker's Book Nook, Chick Lit Love, Ailish's Book Reviews, The Perks of Being a Bookseller, Chris Hill Author,Zili in the Sky , I Heart Chicklit, Becca's Books, French Village Diaries,  and the blogs of Harper Impulse authors Eve Devon, Teresa Morgan, Georgia Hill, Lori Connelly, Wendy Lou Jones, Carmel Harrington and Angela Campbell.


I am so pleased to have played a small part in spreading the word about Harper Impulse, who really are one of the most diverse romance imprints around.  Find out more on their website,

And if you love romance and fancy getting involved in the next Harper Impulse event,  keep an eye on the #HIReadathon hashtag for details of the Summer Lovin' Harper Impulse Readathon, coming your way this summer!


  1. So happy to have been a part, such fun seeing everyone's awesome posts :) xx

  2. I loved the idea and am so glad I've been part of this! I also enjoyed reading all the posts very much. I'm going to read a lot more Harper Impulse books from now on.