Sunday, 10 May 2015

Giveaway of Secrets in the Shadows by Hannah Emery HARPER IMPULSE FORTNIGHT

Harper Impulse fortnight is coming to an end.  BOOOOOOOOO! at Books with Bunny we're ending with a fabulous giveaway! YAAAAAAAY!
Enter the rafflecopter giveaway below to win a paperback copy of Hannah Emery's Secrets in the Shadows. 
The Blurb

A must-read for fans of Kate Morton!

In 1920s Blackpool, eleven year old Rose wanders away from her parents and has a unique gift bestowed upon her. This gift will leave a haunting legacy, seeping down through the generations...

Decades later, Louisa has a vision of her mother walking into the sea. This isn't the first time it happens and it won't be the last, but what she sees isn't always what she wants. The rest of her life is spent trying to change the future that haunts her.

In present day Blackpool, Grace is going to be married someday. She knows this because she's seen it; a vision of a white dress, daisies embroidered on the sleeves, the groom by her side, vowing to love her forever. Except the man in her premonition doesn't belong to her- he belongs to her twin sister, Elsie.

Haunted by what they know and what they are afraid to find out, all three women must make a choice: in the face of certain destiny should you chase the outcome that's "meant to be", or throw away fate and choose your own future?

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Hannah also has some exciting news to share!
"My next new book has a working title of The Castle of Dreams and will be released by Harper Impulse later this year…
In 1939, Evelyn du Reve lives in a Castle that stands at the top of Silenshore, a small English seaside town. Evelyn is rich and beautiful, but she wants more than is offered inside the castle gates. When an exotic stranger gives her a beautiful mirror encrusted with sapphires, the gems of new love, she falls in love with him. But once she is married, Evelyn realizes the love that sparkled in the beginning was perhaps not all it seemed.
In 1964, Victoria Lace sits in her father’s antique shop and stares into the same sapphire mirror. When Victoria looks up from her reflection and sees a stranger standing in front of her, she knows that her life as she knew it is gone. In its place is one where all she thinks of, and dreams of, is the man in front of her.
In 2010, Isobel Blythe is faced with a sudden change when she becomes pregnant after only three months of dating Tom, who seems like the man of her dreams. As she adapts to her strange new life, she struggles to ignore the secrets that linger around her.
Bound by the legacy of the sapphire mirror, the three women try to discover who they really are, who they can trust, and what true love really means.
Hannah has written stories for as long as she can remember.  She loves writing about how fragile the present is and how so much of it depends on chance events that took place years ago. She studied English at the University of Chester and now mentors degree students in a University Centre, although she is currently enjoying the first few months of maternity leave. The most important things in Hannah's life are her family, her friends, books, baking on a Saturday afternoon, getting glammed up to go out for champagne and dinner and having cosy weekends away. Hannah lives in Blackpool with her husband and their two daughters.



  1. Im always looking for books to extend my reading pile and keep me busy.

  2. I'm a great believer in fate. It's how I met my husband! I think Secrets in the Shadows would be an ideal summer read and introduce me to a new writer. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  3. I love to read new authors :)

  4. I love trying new authors I might not otherwise have come across.

  5. Why would you like to win Hannah Emery's Secrets in the Shadows? as a confirmed bibliophile l think this book is right up my street

  6. This sounds a really good book

  7. I love reading and am always looking for new books to discover. This sounds really good from the synopsis, so would love to read it!

  8. Sounds like a great book and i am always looking for something new to read x

  9. I'm always thinking about fate and life choices, sounds like a gripping read :)

  10. Sounds fabulous and I love that era

  11. Would love to give to mother-in-law to cheer her up.