Saturday, 30 May 2015

Harper Impulse Readathon #HIReadathon

Following on from the success of Harper Impulse Fortnight (you can catch up on all the fun by following the #HIFortnight hashtag on twitter), I'm very excited to announce the Harper Impulse Readathon!

There's a huge community of romance readers out there, and many are discovering the diversity of the Harper Impulse imprint.  With the Harper Collins brand behind them, Harper Impulse releases are well written, innovative romances of all lengths- there are short stories, novellas, novels, series- and a wide range of subgenres.  There is truly something for everyone!

So, how can you get involved?

- Choose the Harper Impulse books you'd like to read.  There's a complete list of Harper Impulse publications on Goodreads (make sure you look at both pages!)

- Join in the chat using the hashtag #HIReadathon on twitter or on the #HIReadathon facebook page.  This is the perfect way to connect with readers/reviewers/authors, share recommendations, and when the time comes, share your reviews.

-During the readathon (1st-14th August 2015), read and review as many Harper Impulse books as you can!  Amazon, Goodreads, twitter, facebook, your own blog...share your thoughts anywhere and everywhere!

The Harper Impulse Readathon begins on August 1st and runs for a fortnight- two whole weeks of summer lovin' which I guarantee will have you a blast!  It's open to everyone, so why not get involved?

With thanks to Angela Campbell for designing the official banner of the #HIReadathon.

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