Friday, 1 May 2015

Guest vlog Q and A with Carmel Harrington! HARPER IMPULSE FORTNIGHT

I'm very fortunate to have the lovely Carmel Harrington on my blog today as part of #HIFortnight.  She's recorded a very special vlog interview just for Books with Bunny!  Find out how writing can affect her mood, what's coming up for Carmel and why she's thinking about her Christmas tree already...
Question- Does writing big emotional scenes affect your own mood/outlook?
Question- How does it feel to be compared to Jodi Picoult and JoJo Moyes?
Question- What is next for you?
Thanks so much to Carmel for taking the time to answer my questions!  What a lovely, as well as talented, lady!
Carmel Harrington is the author of Beyond Grace's Rainbow and The Life You Left, both published by Harper Impulse.  Her books are described as 'emotional and contemporary fiction.'
You can find out more about Carmel on her website, and buy her emotionally charged books here.


  1. What a great post! Love the Vlog apsect too :) just started The Life You Left to review next week and LOVING it so far!!

  2. Wonderful Q&A Carmel & Katie! The vid aspect is lovely!